O L I V E R  C R O W T H E R



dead babies, forgotten landscapes 

4 APRIL - 16 MAY

Choice in the moments of artistic process can often be a thing of spontaneity or intuition. Sometimes it is a compulsive regurgitation of clichés. But the questioning of choice and decision-making impels a point of reflection that demands an answer or justification to the visual artistic process. It offers the opportunity to be genuine and it upholds the integrity of an artist. Oliver Crowther asserts his choice over the works that comprise his new show at the blackShed gallery in a manner that plays on the balance between restriction and freedom. His miniature aluminium plates, that contribute two thirds of the show, are hard edged and highly manufactured, they are a product of industry that is controlled and exact, and they inhabit a finite area that floats away from the wall as singular objects. Within these confines Crowther allows his oil paint to command a purpose, each mark is applied liberally with a freedom that enables the medium to contribute its own organic movement, in an effort to explore the reasons of attraction to the original found photographic images that have inspired this series.

Seated Baby oil on aluminium 120x75mm by Oliver Crowther










30 MAY - 11 JULY