Rob Sample Mr Majestic 2014 oil on board

Rob Sample's collection of despairing figurative oils. Both dark and violently brilliant, they portray an unashamed loss of hope and disquieting perversions, rendered in fleshy hairy bodies. Not for the faint hearted but certainly something that needs to be seen - ideas and impressions of human experience on this earth, it's not always pretty and fanciful but the reality is that it lives amongst us and Sample does a grand job of bringing it into our present consciousness.

A RETURN TO ORDER gives reference to the ongoing struggle the artist has in creating the original image. Sometimes shunting techniques and approaches that are familiar to opt for experimentation, only to exalt these experiments and strip the idea to back to its origin and raw form.

As in all his work, Sample explores humanity and its extremes, he focuses our attention on that which is often overlooked and invites the viewer to look deeper into the absurdities and beauty of human nature. Sample paints flesh, fat, skin, bone and muscle. Less concerned with realism and more with emotional effect, his work blurs the line between the external reality and the inner psychological landscape of the subject.

Disassembly Oil on Board 122 x 122cm

 Disfrocking Oil on board 95 x 122cm