NICK SNELLING'S urgent and enduring connection with the sea manifests itself in an empirical documentation of his voyages. Swimming far out into the deep green/grey waters off the south coast of England, he pursues a desire to become immersed in nature and to offer an alternative perspective of the land he's left behind. After recent inspiration to add more colour and life into his canvases Snelling has developed a collection of deeply engrossing fluid surfaces that encapsulate his experience of floating, drifting, submerging. This new collection of paintings, entitled Sea Pier Splash Point and premiering at the blackShed gallery, are a response to two separate sessions at sea, each one recorded on a waterproof camera and brought back to the studio for reference. Out at Splash Point, off Seaford Head, the artist observes vibrant earthy hues in the large mass of cliff that intersects the horizon; they translate into bright undertones that lift the mood of the work. Secondly, whilst swimming in Hasting he is drawn to the dazzling ochre and rusted metal that reflect the late April sun; moving through and looking skyward at the looming pier, its rigid form appears distended and warped as his perspective becomes submerged. Nick Snelling has produced a collection of well-developed canvases that proclaim of the gestures that created them, replicating the actions of the waves they portray in an organic recollection of his experience. To fully understand these works Nick Snelling invites the viewer to witness the raw video footage of his swims; becoming connected with his alternative and rarely seen perspective completes his immersive concept.


Accompanying the show is a collection a limited edition box sets that contain; a DVD of the swims, two flip books that illustrate the artist's films, and a catalogue containing images of the resultant paintings with an essay about the artist. Pre-orders and more info available from the gallery.