Rob Sample Mr Majestic 2014 oil on board as featured at Tunbridge Wells SEEart fair 



The Fire Sermon


14 JUNE - 26 JULY

Dale Inglis' studio overlooks the River Thames in South London. Semi-abstract depictions of the London skyline and the River Thames is his chief interest. Inglis uses a mix of readily available materials, influenced by the Arte Povera "impoverished art" movement that emerged out of Europe during the 1960's, where artists used only poor or low value materials in their art. Inglis' painting process involves a series of painted and over-painted layers using decorator's paint, oil colour, varnish, aerosol and biro. This can take months or sometimes years as each layer is allowed to dry and cure. The paintings are then subjected to a process of deconstruction, brought about by the use of paint remover, heat gun, blow torch, scraper and sandpaper. The layers of paint bubble, curl, shrivel and go up in smoke. The artwork proceeds in stages, combining both intentional strategies and chance. The result is a rich surface bordering on the abstract, a palimpsest with tantalising fragments of painting process past and present.

Dale Inglis' paintings are raw but intimate, the surfaces look weathered but radiate with elemental colours of vibrancy and simple abstract divisions where the painting below the surface is as important as the layer above. This exhibition features a series of the most recent works by Dale Inglis.


Dale Inglis was born in Canada. He studied art in Canada and London and settled in the UK during the late 70's. His work features in collections in Canada, Germany, Italy, the US as well as the UK. Last year Dale Inglis exhibited 120 paintings at the Royal National Theatre as part of their ongoing visual arts program and he is currently preparing work for the Waterloo Festival, St Johns Church, London as the official artist in residence.